Fits Men's L (suit sizes 44 - 46) - slouchy fit with roomy shoulders. 

Fits Women's L/XL


Shell: 100% wool

Lining: Rayon/Acetate

Cuffs and Collar: Cotton, elastane. 




Wool Bomber Jacket

SKU: 45
  • Sometimes a silver lining is a floral print, you know? This is the all-occasion jacket that adds a layer of chic to jeans, and a layer of cool to slacks. 

    This was designed and sewn by Meredith B. Wagner, a costume/scenic designer and founder of The Mise. 


A set and costume designer, Meredith's signature style is crisp and fun(ny). 


Shivanna's Mise art is detailed and lovely - just like her scenic designs and paint work! 


Mary is a costume designer and technician - her layered and lovely work is a Mise favorite!


Cheeky with a side of class is all Amber. She's a costume and scenic designer!


A costume designer and technician, cozy with a side of funky is Ketura's MO.


Retro with a wink is Sarah's go-to. She's a lighting designer outside of Mise!

Jenna H

As a scenic artist, fantastical and dreamy is foremost in Jenna's paint work. 


Mikah is a scenic artist. Her fun and thoughtful work with Mise is a true delight. 


Thoughtful, sustainable and expertly crafted is Justin's MO - He's a Scenic Designer from Texas.


Mark is a technical director! His wood and epoxy combos are smooth and classic.

Jenna G

Classic with a twist? Jenna's got your number. She is a costume designer!

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