Mise En Scène



Scenic and Costume Designer

I am Meredith, a theater artist, administrator and educator based out of NYC. I am the founder of Mise en Scene, as well as a professional Set and Costume Designer. My work with the Mise allows me to be both artist and arts-facilitator, which is exactly how I like it. I developed the Mise for theater artists to have a platform where they can explore and create on a smaller, more intimate scale, and support themselves with what they love best: their own art and craft. Welcome to the theatre people's world -  I am so glad you're here.

 A portfolio of my work outside of Mise can be seen at www.meredithbwagner.com



Technical Director and Carpenter

I’m Mark! Technical director, carpenter, and (want to be a full time) woodworker. I am based out of mid-Michigan. I have worked in theaters across the country for more years than I can remember, and have been a woodworker for even longer. I love doing small things like pens and mugs because they fit into a busy schedule and bring that little joy of creating at the end of the day....though I have also built my own kayak, so I guess I like all kinds of projects. I hope you like the site and will drop by to see what we are working on next. 



Costume Designer and Technician

Hello! My name is Ketura. I’m a costume designer and technician based out of Chicago. In addition to my freelance work with costumes, wigs and makeup, I teach an after school course for teens interested in design and sewing. Like a lot of people, I was introduced to theatre as a performer, but quickly found my calling in the costume shop. I am happiest bringing my crazy dreams into reality, and most fulfilled watching my work chassé across the stage. I can't think of a greater honor than creating a garment for you to dance through life in. I’m so excited to share some of my joy with you! 

My work outside of Mise can be seen at www.keturaleaudrey.com



Costume Designer

I’m Jenna!  I’m a costume designer and costume shop manager based out of St. Louis. I recently graduated from Michigan State University, where I earned my MFA in Costume Design. In addition to my passion for design, sewing, and pattern-making, I am an average but avid knitter, and I’m currently teaching myself how to quilt. I love creating work that is both beautiful and functional. Find more of my work at jennagove.com, and enjoy the amazing art for sale at The Mise! 



Costume and Scenic Designer


Hello hello! I’m Amber, a costume and scenic designer, sometimes production manager, and textile designer. I’m originally from Michigan and received an MFA in Production Design from Michigan State University, and I am currently the Coordinator of Design and Technology for the Dobbins Conservatory at SE Missouri State University. As proud cat mom, my other interests include houseplants, as well as food and booze. When I’m not baking, I’m probably drawing one of these these designs. My book, Digital Design for Custom Textiles: Patterns as Narration for Stage and Film is available through Taylor Francis and other online sources.



Scenic and Costume Designer

I’m Shivanna! I am a scenic and costume designer based out of New York City. My work includes creating designs as well as technical projects. I love working on different projects and meeting interesting people along the way. My favorite project has been working on holiday windows in NYC and seeing everyone’s wonderful reaction to what I helped design and create. I love creating pieces that make people smile - and maybe even think of a happy memory when they look at what they now have. 


My work outside Mise can be seen at  www.shivannasooknanandesign.com

Sarah R headshot.jpg

Sarah R.

Lighting and Costume Designer

Hello All! I am a currently Chicago and formerly New York based Lighting and Costume designer that has spent the majority of her career in opera with a dash of experience in all the other art forms that comprise theater. I’ve worked as everything from a lighting supervisor for a touring house to the head of costume crafts for a seasonal theater and a wide variety of jobs in between. Primarily I spend my time in lighting and love my forays off into costumes when those opportunities arise. I am delighted to share some of my other interests with a wider audience and hope the details and originality I push for in each item make it feel just as special to you as it does to me.

My work outside of Mise can be seen at www.slriffledesign.com

Jenna H.jpg


Set Designer and Scenic Painter

Hi there, thank you for visiting The Mise! I'm Jenna, a freelance scenic designer and painter based in Chicago. I'm originally from Minnesota, but have enjoyed traveling the country throughout my theatre career. This eventually landed me at Penn State for my MFA in scenic design. I keep busy by painting commissioned pieces for my community, baking truly awful bread (I'm working on it), and practicing acrobatics/aerial dance with my best friend Colleen. I hope my work adds calm and inspiration to your surroundings. You can view more at https://www.jennahouckdesigns.com.



Costume Designer and Technician

Hello!! I discovered costume design while earning my bachelor's degree at the University of Iowa. After graduating with a double major in Theatre Arts with focuses in costume design and playwriting as well as in English with a focus in creative writing, I lived and worked in Iowa, Minnesota, Florida, Michigan, and Maine, honing my craft at every opportunity before beginning graduate school in 2016 at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem. After receiving my MFA in costume design in 2019, I relocated to Chicago where I currently live and work as a costume designer and assistant designer, a costume crafts artisan, and a stitcher. Companies of note that I have worked with include the DePaul University Theatre School, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, The Royal George Theatre, The Minneapolis Children's Theatre Company, and more. I have a gray tuxedo cat named Victor Hugo and a betta fish named Coconut and they are beautiful.  


Mary W.

Costume Designer and Technician

Hi, I’m Mary!  I wear many hats (as well as occasionally make them!) as a costume designer, technician, manager, and digital designer.  My theatrical work has taken me across the United States from designing and tailoring in Minneapolis, to assistant designing opera in Santa Fe and Honolulu, to a stint as a visiting professor in Montana, to my current landing place as the Costume Shop Manager for Arizona Theatre Company in Tucson.  The art I create outside of theatre is a delightful combination of hand-made and digital design inspired by hand-dyeing techniques, geometry, mosaic tile, and color from nature.  When I’m not creating, I love spending time in National Parks, hanging out with my Corgi's, or diving down the deep, deep rabbit holes of fashion history fun-facts. 


My print on demand artwork outside The Mise can be seen at: www.mcwolldesigns.wixsite.com/shop

My theatrical work can be seen at: www.marycwoll.com  


Mikah B.

Scenic Artist

Hello! I'm Mikah. I’m currently based in Oregon and spent the last few years working as a scenic artist at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  Some of my favorite projects have been an intricate marble floor, a show with more than 20 sets of stencils, and 2 matching faux mosaics.  I spend a lot of time painting wood to look more like wood and making brand new things look old and dirty.  When I’m not painting, I’m an avid hiker, traveler, and aerialist. 


Justin M.

Scenic Designer and Props Artisan

Hi! I'm Justin. I am a scenic designer and prop maker from Texas. I have lived and worked all over the country and met some fantastic folks while making theater. I enjoy the challenge of reusing, repurposing, and upcycling different materials for my projects. My desire to reduce the waste stream has led me to more dumpsters that I care to admit. When I am not creating I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughters (who are also makers and creators), making breakfast, and reading.